Michael Hadley, mhadley@saic.edu

Class: ATS 3137, Fall 2016
Location: MacLean 401
Time: Mon & Wed, 6 - 9p

Class website: mikewesthad.com/saic-webart
Class communication: saic-webart.slack.com

This syllabus is a living document - it may be updated over the course the semester.


Antique SAIC Course Description:

With the introduction of World Wide Web (WWW) browsers to the Internet, a whole new potential venue has emerged for artists. In this course, students will learn the Hypertext Mark-Up Language (HTML), which is the basis of WWW authoring. Students will learn to integrate text, images, sound, and video into their own web page, which they will create. Also, newer developments such as Java (p5.js, Three.js, Browser Extensions, Node.js, Face tracking, RTC, etc.), and any other up-to-date concepts and possibilities for networked hypertext authoring will be introduced. Potential overall format and conceptual frameworks for developing a web site will be investigated, and ways of subverting the traditional web page format in order to create unique approaches to the dynamics of the web will be explored.

Learning Goals


Attendance & Participation


Week 1 (08/31): Introductions & HTML
Week 2 (09/07): HTML Basics
Week 3 (09/12, 09/14): Hosting & CSS
Week 4 (09/19, 09/21): Advanced CSS
Week 5 (09/26, 09/28): Animations & Transitions
Week 6 (10/03, 10/05): Advanced CSS & JS Basics
Week 7 (10/10, 10/12): DOM Manipulation, Loops, Arrays
Week 8 (10/17, 10/19): DOM Manipulation & JS/CSS Browser Extensions
Week 9 (10/24, 10/26): JS/CSS Browser Extensions & Midterm Critiques
Week 10 (10/31, 11/02): JS Functions & p5.js
Week 11 (11/07, 11/09): Creative Coding in p5.js
Week 12 (11/14, 11/16): Getting Data & Project Proposals
Week 13 (11/21): Video & Face Tracking on the Web
Week 14 (11/28, 11/30): Server-side Node.js & Real-time Web
Critique Week
Week 15 (12/12, 12/14): Final Project Lab
Week 16 (12/19): Final Project Critiques



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